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Chad Johnson Leaves $1300 Tip after Staying Past Closing Time



  • When former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson stopped by his favorite Cuban restaurant, he ended up staying past its closing hours.
  • Feeling bad for the staff, he decided to leave a tip worth $100 for every minute he stays past closing time.
  • After staying for a total of 13 minutes past closing time, he left a hefty $1,300 tip for a $2.12 bill.

Chad Johnson, also known as Chad Ochocinco, had recently stopped by his favorite Cuban restaurant but got there near closing time. The restaurant stayed open for him, however, since he was considered a regular.

Chad Johnson/Instagram

The former NFL wide receiver felt bad for “being somewhat of an inconvenience for the kitchen & staff,” so he decided to leave out a huge tip.

He decided that he would charge himself $100 for every minute he stays past closing time.

He ended up staying for 13 minutes past closing time, so he left a $1,300 tip in a bill that was worth only $2.12.

His tip will greatly help the restaurant staff, who like other service industry workers, have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Restaurants have been struggling due to the limited dining options as indoor dining is still prohibited in many areas.

Several social media users thanked him for his generous act.

“As someone who has always worked in the restaurant business, I seriously thank you for doing this and blessing random employees,” one Twitter user wrote. “Everyone is having a hell of a 2020 and I know you help shine a light during a dark year.”

Another commented, “Very nice gesture! I hope this inspires those who have that kind of money to spread it around if they can! Class move Ocho!”

Source: Tank’s Good News