Chihuahua Looked for Help When Dad Had A Stroke

  • Rudy Armstrong suffered a stroke and with no one to call, he relied on his Chihuahua pet to get someone to help.
  • Bubu quickly ran to get someone to call 911 and thankfully Rudy was brought to the hospital immediately.
  • If not for Bubu’s quick response, he would’ve suffered worse.

Earlier this month, Rudy Armstrong felt like his foot was sleeping while he was in his houseboat. He sat down and tried to move it but then he discovered he also can’t move his arm. Bubu, his loyal Chihuahua mix pup, ran over to him because she could easily tell something was wrong with her dad. 

Being unable to get even his phone, Rudy looked Bubu in the eyes and told her, “I need help. Go get Kim.” And Bubu knew exactly what she had to do. 

She ran off and looked for Kim, the dockmaster. “She came right up to her and rather than her usual greeting of barking and jumping and licking her, she stopped right in front of her and laid over on her side,” says Brandy Popp, CarolinaEast Health System’s public relations manager.


So Kim rushed to the boat following Bubu and found Rudy had just suffered a stroke. She called 911 and when the paramedics took Rudy to the hospital, Bubu was left behind in Kim’s care.

If not for Bubu’s quick action, her dad would’ve suffered worse. Now he is recovering fast but he also misses his little buddy after weeks of stay in the hospital.


“I went to Rudy’s room to hear the details of Bubu helping to save his life and I had the pleasure of sitting with him for over an hour, hearing story upon story of his life, his time in the Navy, and his special bond with Bubu,” Brandy told The Dodo. “The fact that he has no close friends or family nearby led me to attempt to orchestrate a reunion between him and Bubu.”

The day of their reunion, Rudy went into the facility’s garden in a wheelchair and he was very excited to see Bubu. When Bubu and Kim arrived, she was a little bit confused with the new place, but the moment she saw her dad, she recognized him instantly!


“Rudy pulled down his mask and Bubu instantly recognized him, jumped up in his lap and began licking his face incessantly!” Brandy said. “It was a beautiful moment and everyone present was close to tears with the obvious joy of both Rudy and Bubu.”

Rudy has since been sent home and enjoying cuddles and kisses with his favorite pet.

Source: The Dodo

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