Chimpanzee’s Reunion With Her Baby Is So Emotional It’s Like A Movie Scene [Video]

  • A chimpanzee at the Sedgwick County Zoo recently gave birth to a male baby but they were separated due to a complicated delivery.
  • Mahale was reunited with her baby after two days.
  • The moment of their reunion was captured on video and everyone who witnessed it felt the strong affection Mahale has for her newborn.

Due to habitat loss and poaching, Chimpanzee populations are now endangered. Zoos around the world are doing their best to protect and keep chimpanzee numbers up.  Each animal is an ambassador of their species and so each birth is a cause for celebration.

The 28-year-old Mahale of the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas, recently gave birth to her third baby.  But when she was in labor, Drs. Whisler and Chibry of College Hill OB-GYN along with the Zoo Veterinary team decided to perform an emergency C-section on her as her labor stopped progressing and the baby had difficulty breathing.

Fortunately, the chimpanzee baby boy named Mahale was delivered safely and named Kucheza (pronounced koo-CHAY-zuh), which is Swahili for “play”.  He just had to be separated from his mom for two days.

As soon as he was strong enough to breathe easily on his own, the doctors wrapped him in a blanket and placed him in his mom Mahale’s habitat.

And when Mahale saw her little infant, she immediately unwrapped Kucheza and hugged him close and gently rocked him in her arms. She really is a mother whose main desire was to show her love for him.  It was heartbreaking to be without him even just for two days.

The zoo captioned the video with, “Mahale and Kucheza have reminded us all that chimpanzees are smart, charismatic, and amazing animals. And they need our help!” They added, “Small actions — like recycling your old cell phones and using only sustainably-sourced (certified) palm oil and paper products — can help save chimpanzees like Mahale and Kucheza in the wild.”

No matter what species, Mahale has proven that she is a loving and attentive mother who would do anything for her baby.

And the mother and son duo has captured the hearts of everyone who has been keeping tabs on their progress on the zoo’s social media accounts.

May the viewers also open their hearts and minds to the conservation and preservation of this magnificent species.

Source: Inspire More

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My heart started pounding!!! So precious!

So sweet…. Brings a tear to your eye and a huge smile.
The mom is adorable. So excited to have here precious baby back.

How sweet when Mahale realizes that her baby is back and is reaching out for her in the blanket.