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Community Helps Covid Survivor Continue their Holiday Tradition [Video]



  • Dale and Julie Marks survived their battles against Covid, but Dale’s health quickly deteriorated.
  • No longer able to continue their annual tradition of decorating their home, his neighbors stepped up to help.
  • The community helped install a beautiful lights display for all to enjoy and set up a donation drive as well.

Dale and Julie Marks have been known around their community for their beautiful Christmas lights display every year. But after their bout with Covid, the couple feared that they can no longer continue their tradition.

Photo Credit: YouTube/KCCI

The couple contracted the disease in September. But while Julie recovered within two weeks, Dale suffered from “horrendous” side effects — he got strokes and a heart attack.

Julie shared that Dale has been in charge of the heavy parts of decorating, such as putting all the lights up. She said that she only does the little things, so she knew that she couldn’t do what Dale had been doing before.

Just when they thought it was impossible to continue the tradition, local contractor Bob rallied a team of helpers.

“It makes me feel good that we can do it for him, but it makes me feel sad that he’s in that condition,” Bob shared.

Bob made sure to still include Dale in the operations, so while Dale had to be on the sidelines, he could still direct them.

“You could just tell that he wanted to be there,” Bob shared. “He knew to a T where everything went.”

Dale and Julie also started a food donation drive last year for the Food Bank of Iowa. They received over $7,500 and 1,500 pounds of food. So they decided to do it again this year.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Julie declared, “Nothing we have, we believe, is ours. So if we can love on other people and raise money and food for the food bank, that’s what we’re gonna do every year until we can’t.”

This year’s Christmas won’t be the same, but thanks to the community support, Dale and Julie’s tradition continued. Their bright lights would continue lifting up the spirits of everyone who drives by.

Photo Credit: YouTube/KCCI

Bob shared that Dale teared up a bit when he expressed his thanks.

“I got teary,” Bob said. “You could tell how much he appreciated it, and that’s what makes it worth it.”

Source: Inspire More