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Community Raises Medical Funds for Hero who Rescued 8 from Burning Bus



  • Sirizani Butau did not think twice about heading into a burning bus to save the passengers trapped inside.
  • He suffered third-degree burns during the incident and is currently recovering in a local hospital.
  • The community rallied to raise funds for his medical bills and his government honored his heroic actions.

When truck driver Sirizani Butau arrived at the scene of a tragic accident, he took it upon himself to rescue the passengers trapped inside a burning bus. The hero was able to save the lives of eight people.

It was the day before Christmas when a fuel tanker collided with a bus along the Harare-Mutare Highway in Zimbabwe. There were over 60 passengers inside the bus. A fire soon spread, trapping some of the passengers.

When Sirizani arrived at the scene of the incident, he rushed toward the burning vehicle and pulled eight passengers to safety, without thinking of his own safety. He suffered third-degree burns.

Photo Credit: NewsDay

His selfless act made headlines and reached the country’s government officials.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa praised his heroism and promised that the government will honor his actions.

The president wrote on Twitter: “Let me take this opportunity to appreciate Sirizani Butau who saved people from the Mutare accident. As government we will honour him for his selfless sacrifice.”

The hero is currently being treated at a hospital in Kadoma.

When social media shared images of him standing near the scene of the accident with visible burns all over his body, the community rallied to raise funds for his medical bills.

Trevor Butau, Sirizani’s brother, said that they were overwhelmed by the love and generosity of their countrymen.


“At the moment he is unable to talk because he is being attended to by doctors, what we can say is he is overwhelmed by the kindness and love from across Zimbabwe,” Trevor told NewsDay. “He never sought to be a hero and he does not feel like one.”

Source: sunny skyz