Construction Crew Rescues Mystery Creature Caked in Mud

mystery animal

  • Construction workers stumbled upon a tiny mystery animal caked in mud at a work site.
  • The poor animal was trapped in a hole, so they called in animal rescuers.
  • After a painstaking cleanup, the rescuers realized what the mystery creature actually was.

A construction crew was working at a site in Canary Wharf, London, when they came across a tiny animal that they could not identify. The mystery creature, which was trapped at the bottom of a hole, was completely caked in mud and pieces of plastic. The animal was four-legged and looked like a puppy, but because of his condition, the workers could not guess what it was.

Mystery Creature Caked in Mud
Photo Credit: Imgur/Rverence

They had no idea what the creature was, but they still wanted to help it. So they called the Essex Wildlife Hospital, which sent rescuers to save the poor animal.

Even the rescuers, who have plenty of experience working with wildlife, were also left guessing about what the tiny creature is.

Staff at the veterinarian clinic took several hours to carefully clean the little creature. Slowly, the animal’s identity started to become clear. After hours of good scrubbing, they realized that the rescue was a 4-month-old baby fox!

Mystery Creature Caked in Mud
Photo Credit: Imgur/Rverence

The animal hospital staff thanked the construction workers for contacting them.

They have since named the baby fox “Muddsey.”

Hospital administrator Su Schwar said that the poor baby fox β€œwould certainly have had a pretty awful death if it hadn’t been found.” They added that Muddsey “was very cold and in shock but is fine now. We felt very sorry for him because he was completely caked and was absolutely petrified.”

Photo Credit: Imgur/Rverence

Thanks to the quick actions of the construction crew and the painstaking care of the vet staff, the little one was saved just in the nick of time. His recovery was also incredibly quick!

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