Cool Aunt Gifts Blind Niece With Harry Potter Books In Braille

  • The Harry Potter series in Braille are hard to find and expensive.
  • Katelyn Suter, an aunt to a blind girl, wanted to fulfill her niece’s wish to read the book series on her own.
  • The aunt set up a GoFundMe which raised enough funds to buy six complete sets of the Harry Potter books.

The Harry Potter novel series has been read by millions worldwide.  The eight movies that were released from 2001 to 2011 were also viewed by millions.  Each year, the books are read, reread, and enjoyed by yet another generation.  It has even been translated into 76 languages.  But for those who are blind, there is scarcity for the titles in Braille.

But a cool aunt was bent on letting her niece experience the magical world of Harry potter after her dad read her the book.

Her niece Emrie was born blind.  At four years old, she started reading in Braille.  After being introduced to the wizarding adventures of Harry Potter by her Dad, it quickly became her favorite book series and she wished to read it on her own.

Katelyn Suter of Mission, Texas, who is Emrie’s aunt, wanted to fulfill that wish.  But they learned that the Harry Potter books in Braille were not very accessible and came with a hefty price.  “Many libraries do not even have them as an option. This broke my heart. The Harry Potter books range from $80-300 for just one single book,” she said.

Never one to back down from a challenge, she set up a GoFundMe to help her raise the amount for the series. 

Photo Credit: Kateyn Suter (GoFundMe)

Luckily, friends and strangers generously supported her in her quest.  The page managed to raise not just one but six complete Harry Potter sets!

When Emrie opened her gifts on Christmas morning, her reaction was so precious as her fingers told her the books that she was holding!  She broke out into a beautiful smile.

But it is not just Emrie who finally gets to read the books.  Emrie gets one set, and the rest of the remaining five sets will be donated to local schools and libraries.  What an experience it would be for all the other blind kids and adults who will get to know Harry Potter, the wizarding world of Hogwarts, and quidditch!

Thanks, cool aunt Katelyn!

Source: Inspire More

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