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Cop caught in a standoff with a lawless hen



  • A cop was caught in a standoff with a chicken. 
  • It took 10 minutes and help from two civilians before the hen was caught.
  • According to the hen owner’s neighbor, this is not the first time the hen went on an adventure.

Justin Caffes and a friend were driving near their house in Rochester, Minnesota, the other day when they noticed something unusual.

A tense standoff between law enforcement and an improbable suspect was taking place on a rather quiet and peaceful street.


Caffes told The Dodo that he saw a cop car and a chicken on the road. 

Yes, it was strange. But this was just the start.

Caffes and his friend watched as the cop approached the bird. But the rebellious hen was clearly determined not to go down without a fight.

She ran away.


According to Caffes, the cop began chasing the chicken, but the hen showed no reluctance in evading arrest and seemed to enjoy being chased.

The video comes to a close unexpectedly, yet it isn’t quite over. Caffes and his pal decided to assist the officer in apprehending the feathered perp.

Caffes said they caught the chicken after 10 minutes, and it seemed to him that the cop enjoyed chasing the chicken.  


Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the chase.


The chicken was then placed in a pet carrier and driven away in the officer’s patrol cruiser. Even though the chase was done, backup still arrived.

“Five cop cars showed up just to laugh at their coworker,” Caffes said.

Nonetheless, the hen had the final laugh.

Police were able to locate the chicken’s owners, who live a few kilometers away, and safely return the hen to them. The bird was released with only a warning, although her being away from home was not an accident.


Zach Piens, the owner’s neighbor (and occasional hen-sitter), told The Dodo the chicken’s name is Laya, and this isn’t her first excursion. She had caught a ride into town on at least one previous occasion by hiding in the back of his family’s truck, only to be caught.

This time, it’s thought she did the same. But now that the cops are involved, Laya may have finally realized what she needed to learn.

“I’m hoping this is her last city trip,” Piens said.

Source: The Dodo