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Corgi Can’t Wait For Baby Brother To Grow Up So They Can Play With The Toys She Brings Him [Video]



  • Denny Ku and his wife did not know what to expect from their Corgi named Lilo when they brought home their newborn baby.
  • But in spite of Lilo’s disinterest while her mom was pregnant, Lilo turned out to be a doting sister and would bring her toys for her baby brother to play fetch with.
  • Lilo would have to wait until the baby is old enough to throw the toys and would have to be content with napping beside the baby’s bassinet. 

When Denny Ku’s wife was pregnant, their 8-year-old Corgi Lilo did not show any interest in her wife’s pregnancy. Lilo did not lay on her wife’s belly or follow her around.

Denny said, “It was almost as if she knew she had to share the attention and wanted some space.” After all, she was an only child.

So, when the Kus brought home their newborn baby, they did not know how Lilo would react to her new sibling. But just like when she greets every new person she meets, Lilo showered kisses on her baby brother.  But after a few days with the newborn staying at their house, Lilo did not know how to interact with the baby anymore.

It was a surprise for the Kus to see Lilo’s ball in Koa’s bouncer and the dog whining at her baby brother.

They explained to Lilo that Koa could not play fetch yet.  Ku said, “So from time to time, instead of bringing us the toy or object, she would just bring it to Koa.”

From there, Lilo brought all her toys to Koa — her favorite stuffies, toilet paper rolls, and even her parents’ slippers!  She would gently nudge it toward Koa, sit in front of him, and wait if Koa would play with it.

Photo Credit:: @aircorg (Instagram)

In order not to disappoint Lilo, Denny would throw the toy so that she can chase it.

Aside from waiting for Koa to play, Lilo is also a doting sibling and enjoys sleeping near her brother.

Photo Credit:: @aircorg (Instagram)

Denny said that in spite of having so many beds, the pup would rather sleep on the floor just as long as she’s near her baby brother. “We hope that snuggling is in their future,” he said.

We also hope that in time, both would enjoy countless playtime and nap time. Good job, Lilo!


Source: The Dodo