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Country Singer Brad Paisley Surprised Farmer Couple With A Video Call And A Gift That Moved Them To Tears [Video]



  •  Brad Paisley is working with Amazon Prime Video in a series called “Regular Heroes” that features essential workers around the country.
  • Recently, he surprised a couple from Kentucky who runs a farm with a video call.
  • Along with that, he gave them a year’s supply of N95 masks, a pair of belt buckles with their name, and the singer will shoulder their fertility treatments.

Since the first time the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in the United States, Brad Paisley has been making himself busy helping people.

In March, the country music star opened a store that families in Nashville, Tennessee can get groceries for free! After a few days, he started a free delivery for senior residents.

Now, he is working with the Amazon Prime Video in a series titled “Regular Heroes” — which features essential workforce throughout the country to show how much their efforts are being appreciated in this difficult time of the pandemic.

Couple Daniel and Danielle Hayden manage a farm of chicken and cattle in the Ohio Valley area of Kentucky. Recently, they recently received a surprise call from the signer of the song “No I in Beer,” Brad himself. 

Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video

“I so appreciate you keeping the food chain going for all of us,” Brad told them in a trailer of an episode. “I know this is tough right now with the family farm and what you’re having to do, and I want to give you a couple of things today that I think maybe you need.”

Then he told them to go out and check some treats he left for them — which includes a year’s supply of N95 respirator masks, which are a precious thing these days. He also gifted them with belt buckles with their family name on it to signify tight family bonds —  “tie the generations together.”

Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video

But that’s not all! Brad is about to overwhelm them with another surprise!

“We know that you guys have been trying really hard to start a family, and medical help for this can get really expensive,” he said. “So as a show of support, we’d like to help the two of you with fertility treatments in the hopes you can have a child to pass this farm down to, keeping it in the family.”

This right here moved the couple to tears. 

“That means the world to us,” Daniel said. “That is our number one priority, passing it on to the next generation. We’ve had trouble with that for a while.”

Source: AOL.Com