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Couple Sets Up Adorable ‘Critter Cafe’ for their Local Animals



  • When Aby Cruz and Jeremy Mercer spotted their cat, Pumpkin, watching the local critters snack on the bird feeder, they were inspired to set up a restaurant.
  • So they opened up the Critter Cafe, which serves water, nuts, fruits, and seeds to birds, squirrels, and other animals!
  • The cafe was soon bustling with customers, who come in day and night!

A couple has set up an adorable critter cafe for their local animals after being inspired by their cat.

Pumpkin the cat has always loved watching the local critters snacking from the bird feeder on the porch.

Pumpkin’s parents, Aby Cruz and Jeremy Mercer, decided to make the viewing a bit easier so they placed a box of seed on the ground. A few moments later, the birds and squirrels started to eat the food in the box, too.

It was then that they were inspired to launch the Critter Cafe.

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Photo Credit: Aby Cruz

Aby told The Dodo, “One day while staring out at the animals eating, one of us said, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if we turned this into a restaurant for the neighborhood critters?’ We both loved the idea and headed straight to Walmart to get the supplies.”

It only took one night for Aby to create the tiny tables, decor, and signs for the cafe. They then set it all up the next day and waited for the arrival of their newly opened cafe’s first customers.

Critter Cafe
Photo Credit: Aby Cruz

It was an instant success!

The cafe was soon bustling with customers: birds, squirrels, and other animals all stopped by for a quick snack!

Critter Cafe
Photo Credit: Aby Cruz

It was a wonderful sight for everyone — the adorable setting appealed to both the animals and the community of TikTok, where the couple shared videos of their cute cafe.

Aby said that the cafe has been busy: “Customers come and go throughout the entire day and even into the night. We see probably on average around two to three customers every five to 10 minutes dining at our fine establishment.”

Critter Cafe
Photo Credit: Aby Cruz

With the success of the cafe, the couple has been constantly coming up with new gimmicks to add to it.

The cafe has not only been the go-to dining place for the local wildlife but has also been a source of entertainment and good vibes for the couple and Pumpkin. Pumpkin even got the job of cafe manager!

Critter Cafe
Photo Credit: Aby Cruz

Aby and Jeremy simply love running the cafe and putting their creativity to work with the decor.

“We love sitting back and watching all of the customers enjoying a nice meal around the dinner table,” she added. “We just enjoy every day [that] we get to run this restaurant together.”

Check out more adorable videos of the Critter Cafe on TikTok.

Source: The Dodo