Couple with 14 Sons, Overjoyed to Finally Have a Daughter!

  • Famous couple with 14 sons now has a newborn yet again — a baby girl. 
  • Maggie was born on Nov. 5 at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.
  • After almost three decades from when they had their first born son, the couple finally have a girl in the family — and they “are overjoyed!”

A couple from Michigan who attracted attention for having a large family, raising 14 sons, now have their first daughter, after almost three decades apart from their first born. 

On Thursday last week, Nov. 5, Kateri Schwandt gave birth to Maggie Jayne, a 7 pounds and 8 ounces healthy baby girl, at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids. 

She and her husband, Jay, who are both 45-year-olds now, “are overjoyed and beyond excited to add Maggie Jayne to our family.”

Despite what is happening in the world now, Jay told the Detroit Free Press, it is especially a memorable year for a number of reasons and that “Maggie is the greatest gift we could ever imagine.”

Photo Credit: Jay Schwandt

Following how their family has grown, the Schwandts have made it to the news and national outlets for years. They even have a live streaming program on their own entitled “14 Outdoorsmen” that would definitely need some name alteration moving forward. 

Tyler Schwandt, their first son, now 28 and engaged to be married, said his parents almost gave up on the thought of having a daughter after bearing 14 sons. Perhaps, there would be no touch of “pink” in their home at Lakeview — but then, beautiful Maggie happened. 

“I don’t even know if my mom owns any pink clothing — or anything,” he said.

Jay and Kateri dated as early as freshmen and  before graduating at Ferris State University, they already had three sons. 

They got married in 1993 and earned advanced degrees. Jay is a lawyer and a businessman while Kateri earned a degree in social work. 

For sure, many people have differing opinions about having a large family, but if you are as amazing as the Schwandt’s, well number is just a concept.

Source: TODAY

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