Cow saved from slaughterhouse now snuggles with everyone he meets [Video]

  • A huge cow saved from a slaughterhouse turns out to be a softie
  • Chino the cow may be a leader of his herd but he reigns with a soft heart
  • Chino can be found napping on a shoulder of a volunteer

Looking at a sleeping Chico now with his head on a volunteer’s shoulder, you would not think that he was rescued from a slaughterhouse in 2017 and had a rough start in his life.

That is because according to “The Gentle Barn” founder Ellie Laks, once cows at the farm learn to trust humans, loving and being physical becomes second nature.

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“Once they have healed, [they] learn to forgive, choose to trust us, lay down and allow us to cuddle them,” Laks said. “They cuddle us back by wrapping their necks around us or, in this case, put their heads on us.”

Even with his slaughterhouse experience, when Chico first arrived at the farm, it was clear that he was a leader. Other cows followed him when he went to the grass and woods. So, if you want to gain the trust of the other cows, it would be a little easy if you go through Chico first and win his approval.

Photo Credit: The Gentle Barn

Fortunately, it was not difficult to gain Chico’s trust and his love. Soon, Chico allowed Laks to pet and hug him.

Laks told The Dodo, “Chico is remarkable! “He is the leader and tells the others what to do, protects them and gives his hugs out to all of us freely. He is wise, brave and extremely loving.” 

One can say that Chico is a leader with a soft heart because he also shows his playfulness and his vulnerability when he takes a nap on a lucky friend’s shoulder.

Photo Credit: The Gentle Barn

“Chico is now extremely affectionate and will wrap his neck around me and others in a warm embrace,” Laks said.

The independent and enthusiastic Chico can be quite a handful but when playtime is over and he’s tired, he loves to take a nap and becomes a softie. Snuggling on a shoulder is the name of the game.

When you come out to visit Chico, you might just find him comfortably and peacefully napping on a shoulder with his cow family at The Gentle Barn that including Houdini, Johnny Cash, Roo and Eddie.

The Gentle Barn is an animal sanctuary that accepts donations for the upkeep of the animals in their care.

Source: The Dodo

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Isn’t that a sacred red heifer to the Jews? Don’t mess with it . I think I read about it somewhere.

Sandra Lee Smith

A “lap bull”! I used to know a “lap horse”, a Morgan, in my teens. Some animals are real cuddlers.

And yet we build factory farms and slaughterhouses because of a desire to consume flesh. We have a long way to go – let’s hope we wake up fast and can shorten it.

He’s a steer or a bull, unless he’s pansexual and identifies as a cow.

If she did that to me. I would never be able to eat beef again.

since when has a cow become “he”? All cows are females! ,