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Crawling Cuties: UNC’s Baby Race Steals the Show During March Madness [Video]



What You Need To Know!

  • The University of North Carolina held a “baby race” during March Madness.
  • The event took place on their basketball court and was a thrilling and hilarious experience.
  • The article promises that readers will be entertained and on the edge of their seat.

Get ready to laugh and cheer as the University of North Carolina recently held a “baby race” on their basketball court during March Madness.

he event was a huge success and had the audience on the edge of their seat. This exciting race involved crawling babies, each one sporting a different color onesie, as they made their way across the court.

It was a hilarious and heartwarming experience that left everyone with smiles on their faces. If you’re looking for some feel-good entertainment, this is it!