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Custodian becomes a teacher at the same school she once worked [Video]



  • Wanda Smith, 48, had always been dreaming of becoming a teacher, but she was limited by many responsibilities.
  • Determined, Wanda started her classes at 39 and obtained the degree nine years later.
  • Wanda’s hard work and perseverance were recognized, with her school even offering a scholarship in her name!

Nothing can stop a determined person in pursuing life’s dreams — not age, and not even financial limitations.

Wanda Smith, 48, is a living proof that no matter how difficult the journey toward one’s goals is, if the will is strong, it will happen, just like how she fulfilled her long-time dream of being a teacher.

The road to achieving this may be too easy for some, but not for Wanda. Her reality wasn’t really in a good shape. A mother of three who also took care of her elderly mother, Wanda had demanding responsibilities that took her time and resources. But she couldn’t be just stopped.

Wanda worked as a custodian and a bus monitor at Brenham Independent School District. At 39, she took night classes despite her already hectic schedule. With her husband’s full support, who also wanted her to achieve her dreams, Wanda has made it!

Photo Credit: TODAY/Tank’s Good News

Nine years later, the persistent wife and mom officially became a certified teacher and obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University — while still maintaining her other jobs with the school district.

Wanda was hired as a first-grade teacher at Brenham Elementary School, which is within the school district she had been long-employed at. Her students love her, and they loved her even more when she just showed her compassion during the pandemic. As some of the students struggled to cope with distance learning, Wanda delivered packets of schoolwork to her students’ homes.

Photo Credit: TODAY/Tank’s Good News

A surprise ceremony was held for Wanda, by her loving first graders who were holding up large signs for her. A scholarship in Wanda’s name was even established at Sam Houston State, which is designated for up-and-coming teachers.

On top of these recognitions, Brenham mayor Milton Tate Jr. officially deemed May 4th as Wanda Smith Day, with her signature saying “Be the Best You Can Be.”

Source: Tank’s Good News