Cuteness Overload As Dog Ring Bearer’s Ball Gets Lost In Mom’s Bridal Veil [Video]

  • Pandemic puppy, Chai, was the ring bearer at his parents’ wedding.
  • Not used to big crowds, his parents made sure he had his favorite tennis ball with him nearby at all times.
  • When the official declared his mom and dad husband and wife, the cheers made him panic and lose his ball in his mom’s veil.

Sumanth Gudaparthi was reluctant to be a dog mom. But when the pandemic happened, having a furball like Chai made her change her mind.  She and her now husband, Tanvi Gangadhar cannot imagine living without Chai around.

The couple is working hard to give Chai all the love and fill all his needs.  They even moved into a bigger house with a big yard for Chai to run around.   

Gangadhar said, “We think he was meant to be adopted by a South Indian family because he loves [dog friendly] curd rice, dosa and idli the most. He was a perfect fit.”

When the couple got married, they made Chai their ring bearer and outfitted him with a customized tuxedo.

But being a pandemic puppy, Chai was not used to having many people around.  It made him nervous. 

Photo Credit: Tanvi Gangadhar

To ease his jitters, the couple made sure that his favorite tennis ball was always near him.

Gangadhar shared, “Chai played with his ball the entire time; we even stopped for a bit in the middle of the vows because he dropped his ball down the stairs.” He added, “Once the officiant announced us as husband and wife, everyone cheered, and Chai got excited and nervous and took cover under my veil and dropped the ball, which led to the adorable moment.”

Photo Credit: Tanvi Gangadhar

Everyone cheered when Chai finally had the ball in his mouth! And the fun continued from there on —photographs and videos of the moment testify to the happy occasion.

Chai may have had first-time nerves but with the support that he got from his parents and friends, we are pretty sure he would ace it next time he becomes ring bearer again.  Any takers?

Source: The Dodo

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