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Cutest Golden Retriever Crashes Yoga Class



Quick Smiles:

  • A golden retriever named Joey unexpectedly joined a park yoga class, delighting everyone present.
  • Joey’s antics were captured in a TikTok video, where he can be seen enjoying the attention and even showing off his belly.
  • The video has since garnered over 296,000 views, with viewers commenting on Joey’s charismatic personality and the joy he brought to the yoga class.

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A park yoga class received an unexpected participant that brought smiles all around. A golden retriever named Joey decided to join the class, not caring that he interrupted the flow of the session. He was determined to participate when he felt like it, as shown in a TikTok video posted on the account @joey_how_u_doinn on February 25.

The class participants didn’t seem to mind Joey’s late arrival. They welcomed him with open arms, or rather, with open hands, showering him with pets and smiles.

“The day Joey crashed a park yoga class,” reads the text on the video. The golden retriever’s expression suggested he’d happily repeat his actions, seemingly enjoying every moment of his unexpected yoga adventure.

Joey didn’t just sit on the sidelines. He positioned himself right in the middle of the group, radiating what can only be described as “main character energy.” He demonstrated to all viewers what it means to be the center of attention.


His interaction with the class didn’t end with a quick greeting. Once he realized he was in the company of people who were more than happy to shower him with attention, he laid back and exposed his belly. The highlight of the video is when Joey runs back to his owner, appearing as if he’d just won the lottery.

Some viewers speculated that Joey’s actions were part of a clever scheme. “He wanted to remind his owner that if the owner didn’t give him the treats, love, and attention that he needed, Joey could find another owner at the drop of a hat.”

The video has since amassed 296,000 views, 24,200 likes, and 146 comments. Viewers were not at all surprised by Joey’s actions, attributing it to typical golden retriever behavior.

“He just made their day like a million percent better,” one comment reads.

Another viewer chimed in: “You mean, ‘The day Joey improved a park yoga class.’” It’s safe to say that this is a yoga class that the participants will remember for a long time.