Dachshund Shows There Is Nothing Like A Good Shower To Relax [Video]

  • A video showing a dachshund named Noodle enjoying his shower has viewers wishing they were having one too.
  • Noodle clearly loves taking a shower as he closes his eyes to relish the water pouring down his face.
  • Other viewers also wonder what Noodle does when the shower is turned off, prompting a call for another video showing him after a bath.

There are dogs who hate taking a bath and showers.  But there are those who relish the water falling down their face and bodies.  And the Dachshund Noodle is one cool pup who shows how to enjoy a shower in a viral video on TikTok.


the attitude after a shower weighs up for it

♬ Mid audio – Mya ⁉️

@noodleandtilde has 1 and a half million followers on TikTok.  And they are one with Noodle as he adores relaxing and de-stressing with a shower.  For isn’t it one activity to look forward to after a busy day or tiring activity?

You can see how Noodle calms down as his muscles loosen up and his whole body relaxes and he lifts his head towards the shower.

@noodleandtilde #CapCut ♬ stream escapism – #1 the thrill is gone stan

We could not help but also let out a sigh of relief as we felt what Noodle feels. And the commenters are nodding in agreement. @hoomanpotato wrote, “THE SIDEEYE HAHAHAHA ” while @.Ectobiologist loved “THE HEAD TOSS” too.

But there are some who are wondering what Noodle does when the warm water is turned off or turns cold? @ungratefulgiraffe said, Noodle becomes “literally the sassiest dog ever”.  Does he? 

And then @preppytiktoks hilariously commented, “my dog the second we take him out of the bath: zoomies zoomies zoomies zoomies.”


i wanna see everyone put noodle on top of their christmas trees this year

♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

Now that would be another video or series of videos to look forward to from Noodle — how he is when the shower is done.  Does he continue relaxing or does he do the zoomies and shower his mom with all the water?

@noodleandtilde, follow-up videos please!

Source: Pet Helpful

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