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Dachshund’s Hilarious Daybed Adventure Goes Viral



Quick Smiles:

  • Viral TikTok video features a dachshund named Otto
  • Video shows Otto hilariously trapped in a flipped-over daybed
  • Over 400,000 views and 30,000 followers on TikTok

A delightful TikTok video has captured the hearts of viewers across the internet, showcasing the quirky side of a dachshund named Otto. The video, shared by TikTok user @ottothedachsy, has been viewed more than 400,000 times since it was first posted on Sunday.

In the video, Otto is seen chasing a ball while inside a flipped-over daybed. The caption reads: “Here’s another video. Dachshunds definitely aren’t normal. But wouldn’t have it any other way.” Viewers are treated to a hilarious scene of the wiener dog moving the lopsided daybed across the floor with little coordination. Towards the end of the clip, Otto tries to claw his way out of the upside-down bed. Although not shown, it’s assumed that his owner eventually helped him out of the predicament.


Replying to @Sam definitely not normal 😂😂😂but wouldnt have it any other way 🥹😀 #miniaturedachshund #sausagedog #dachshund #dachshundsoftiktok #minidachshund

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Otto and his owner live in the United Kingdom and have amassed over 30,000 followers on TikTok. The account is filled with amusing photos and videos that highlight Otto’s cheeky nature. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), this isn’t uncommon for dachshunds.

The AKC states that dachshunds are highly intelligent companions, strong-willed and smart, but can be more difficult to train than more laid-back breeds like golden retrievers. Their strong personalities can make them a handful, but they provide plenty of love and affection. “Dachshunds were bred to be an independent hunter of dangerous prey,” the AKC says. “They can be brave to the point of rashness, and a bit stubborn, but their endearing nature and unique look has won millions of hearts the world over.”

Since being shared on TikTok, the post has received over 32,000 likes and more than 300 comments. Many users have joined in on the fun in the comments section. One user wrote, “I believe that’s a soft-shelled tortoise, not a dachshund.” Another added, “I can tell it’s a dachshund just by the tippy tappys.” A third user commented, “Dachshunds are loopy and so adorable.”