Dance crew surprises passersby standing on “dance party” decal [Video]

Dance crew surprises passersby standing on "dance party" decal

  • Street performance group Improv Everywhere decorated the pavement of a New York park with a decal that read, “stand here for dance party.”
  • Whenever a curious passerby stood on the decal, a 100-person dance party, along with a vintage 1980s boombox, surprises them.
  • The surprise was definitely shocking at first, but the people quickly got in on the fun dance party.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be part of a surprise flash mob? Well, some passersby on the streets of New York got treated to a surprise dance party by simply standing on a decal.

The decal, which read, “stand here for dance party,” was placed on the pavement of the Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan by street performance group Improv Everywhere.

Photo Credit: Ari Scott for Improv Everywhere

Most passersby may have mistaken it for the now common social distancing circles and ignored it. Others simply took photos when they saw and read the actual message.

But there were some who curiously followed the instructions — and true enough, they triggered a surprise dancy party!


Improv Everywhere, which is known for their large-scale surprise moments in public, made sure to keep it safe by partnering with a fully-vaccinated professional b-boy dance crew, the Dynamic Rockers, and the Museum of the City of New York, which opened a new music-themed exhibit—New York, New Music: 1980-1986.

Photo Credit: Improv Everywhere (Unsplash)

The 100-person dance crew blended perfectly well in the area as they waited for someone to stand on the decal and start the fun.

Kid Glyde’s vintage 1980s boombox blared music as he approached the unsuspecting person who triggered the dance party.

The surprised people were definitely shocked, but they quickly got in on the fun!

Photo Credit: Ari Scott for Improv Everywhere

Source: Good News Network

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