Dancing Dog’s Heartwarming Act Left AGT Audience In Tears [Video]

  • When animals audition on “America’s Got Talent”, they usually perform tricks.
  • Meredith, an Australian shepherd, not only performed tricks but followed a storyline with a dance act with Christine from Glamour Aussies School in Hungary.
  • In the end, the duo got four Yesses and the admiration of the judges and the audience.

When smart pup Meredith, walked on stage to audition for the “America’s Got Talent” stage, the judges and audience were in for a surprise.  Not only did the Australian shepherd know how to do tricks, but she also did it without verbal directions!

Talk about impressive training. But at Glamour Aussies dance school, they teach talented four-pawed students.

The Hungarian school is owned and operated by Christine Elisabeth Berczes and now she wants to show the world her four-legged student’s skills.

Meredith and Christine’s act starts with the sweet dog trying to catch an occupied Christine who is reading a book. He performed tricks like rolling over and carrying a basket.  Christine just gives the dog short attention, walks, and goes back to reading her book, seemingly ignoring the adorable dog.

But Meredith, who knows the whole act by heart, goes on to show various other tricks and even walks on her hind legs, to impress the judges and the audience.  She will eventually get Christine’s attention.  And that she did!

Christine joins her in a touching dance act and gives her a hug to signal the end of their performance. Some of the audience was left in tears.

Celebrity judge Heidi Klum was impressed with the performance as it follows a storyline that Meredith remembered and ably did.

Congratulations on your four Yesses, Meredith and Christine! 

Source: Inspire More

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