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Daughter and Cat got Busted for Secret Sleepover



  • When a daughter easily agrees to go to bed, a mom’s first instinct is to be suspicious.
  • When Lynn Farrell opened her daughter’s room, she caught her daughter snuggling under the covers with a cat!
  • It was an outdoor cat that belonged to the neighbor, but now has permission to sleepover in her daughter’s room.

Lynn Farrell was immediately suspicious when her daughter agreed to go to bed easily.

“When I opened the door, they both popped their heads up, like, ‘Oh crap, we’ve been caught,’” she recalled.

The two conspirators, her daughter and a large orange cat, were snuggled under the covers. Her daughter must have sneaked in the cat when she was preparing dinner.

Photo Credit: Lynn Farrell

But Farrell thinks that this is not the first time for the two as food and water were already prepared, along with a litterbox.

But it did not come as a surprise for her daughter to snuck in an animal, more so a cat. She has always been an animal lover and known to feed and pet any animal that she meets.

Since moving to a new house with a large colony of feral cats as neighbors, it was not long before her daughter was acquainted with them. She just did not expect that a feral cat would allow itself to be snuggled.

Photo Credit: Lynn Farrell

But there they were, very comfortable with each other. She could tell that the two had a special connection.

“He chose well in his new human. So, after a bath and a brush, they both went to sleep warm, happy and snuggled,” Farrel added.

They named the cat Pumpkin Jr. and brought him to the vet to be treated for fleas and dewormed. They also found out that the sneaky cat is not a feral cat but was an outdoor cat who belonged to their neighbor across the street.

Now the orange tabby visits her daughter every day and has sleepovers every now and then legally as he has permission from his humans.

Photo Credit: Lynn Farrell

Farrell’s daughter is now Pumpkin Jr’s human.

“He is so sweet and constantly purring — I don’t think I’ve heard him stop,” Farrel said.


Her daughter’s room has become his territory and would not allow the family’s other three cats inside.

Farrel said, “I guess I have a fourth cat now.” 

Source: The Dodo