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Deaf and blind dogs’ playful moment captures viewers’ hearts [Video]



  • A heartwarming video captured a playful moment between two deaf and blind dogs, proving that disabled dogs can still live a full and happy life.
  • The clip showed Lucy encouraging her brother Morty to chase her as she quickly jumps around.
  • Morty was initially silent at first, until he suddenly pounced onto the unsuspecting Lucy!

Having a disability doesn’t mean that one can’t live life to the fullest. Time and time again, people and animals with disabilities have proven that they can still do what they want, interact with others, and fully enjoy life. In this story, two deaf and blind dogs were seen having a playful moment together.

The video, which has since been viewed over 216,000 times, showed that disabled dogs still enjoy plenty of playtime and can easily interact with others.

TikTok user @Echobadlistener has been giving others a glimpse of what it’s like to live with four disabled dogs. Morty, Echo, Lucy, and Frank can’t see and hear like normal dogs, but they still know how to communicate with each other.

In the video, Lucy, who is deaf and visually impaired, boops Morty’s nose to encourage him to play with her.

Deaf and blind dogs' playful moment captures viewers' hearts
Photo Credit: TikTok/echobadlistener

The text overlay, which means to interpret Lucy’s actions, reads “Come on, chase me!”

Lucy instantly launches into play mode and quickly jumps around.

Meanwhile, Morty, who is deaf and blind, initially seems confused as he tries to sense what is happening.

Deaf and blind dogs' playful moment captures viewers' hearts
Photo Credit: TikTok/echobadlistener

But it wasn’t long before Morty pounces forward onto an unsuspecting Lucy!

Hundreds of viewers were touched by the pair’s playful moment.


One viewer commented, “Thank you for showing that they do play even though they are deaf and blind.” Another joked, “I’m glad to see it’s not just my blind dog who’s still crazy.”

Other viewers, meanwhile, praised Morty’s slyness.

One comment read, “Morty knew all along, just patiently waiting and plotting.” Another wrote, “Morty being sneaky like this makes me smile every time.”

Source: Daily Star