Dedicated dog has perfect gym routine

  • A dachshund who enjoys going to the gym is going viral.
  • The dog has perfected her gym routine.
  • TikTok users describe her as the ideal gym buddy.

Millie, a gym rat, will be able to provide us with some motivation. Actually, they should rename Millie “gym dog” instead of “gym rat” because she is not a rat. She’s a Dachshund who happens to be a regular gym-goer.

TikTok user @k9mills just shared a clip of Millie’s gym routine, and we’ve never seen anyone so pumped for a workout.

Millie must have been attending the gym for a long time because she knows exactly how to do everything. From beginning to end, her routine is flawless. And why do we get the impression she never complains about her #gainz? We must start taking notes! Keep an eye on what she does shortly after she comes!

We’re not sure why she’s running through the door. We never rush to the gym. LOL. Then, as is customary, she checks in at the front desk and proceeds to her station, plopping directly on the rucksack. She’s perfected her routine. Maybe she’ll be able to teach us a thing or two.


“Couldn’t ask for a better gym partner! 🙌🏼,” commenter @Guill3n wrote.

We thought having a dog around would be nice, but after more consideration, we realized that having a dog with us would lead to us just patting them the entire time. Is it still considered exercise if we just go to the gym?

@Lifewithemxo commented:

“This dog has good manners. She said hi to the owner and sat patiently lol!!! She’s too cute!!” 

That’s a solid clue Millie goes to the gym on a regular basis!

“Dog was a bodybuilder in their past life,” commented @Chris Del. 

She had to be, right?

@Selena also wrote:

“She’s your personal trainer. She’s like alright, enough with the camera, let’s get to business lol.” 

She seems to be a strict personal trainer. Regardless, can we still borrow her for gym motivation?

Source: Pet Helpful

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