Dirty Goldendoodle Looks Innocent Against Accusations Of Spreading Mud On Couch [Video]

  • Otis the Goldendoodle is accused of getting the family’s couch all muddy and his lawyer is defending him.
  • In the video posted on TikTok by @otis_thedoodle, the pup sits innocently beside a couch that is as muddy as him.
  • Another video shows how Otis happily zoomed from one part of the couch to another leading him to be sentenced to a bath.

As shown on the TikTok video posted by @otis_thedoodle how could an innocent-looking Goldendoodle be guilty of spreading mud on all of the sheets on the couch?

@otis_thedoodle Zoomies + mud = best day ever #mud #dog #dogtraining #help #puppymess ♬ Funny Laugh no no no – Sound Effect

Look at that boy with an extremely muddy fur next to an equally muddy couch. Just because the pup and the couch look almost the same is not enough basis for my client to be judged guilty.

The accusation that Otis made the sheets dirty with his muddy zoomies is baseless. As his lawyer, we demand for a fair trial and not rely on hearsay or circumstantial evidence.  My client says he is innocent.  Just look at how behaved he is while he is being filmed.

@otis_thedoodle Mr. Otis caught in the act on the furbo πŸ˜… #mess #dogsoftiktok #mud #dogtraining #puppylove #foryou @otis_thedoodle ♬ It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

Please present a more reliable proof of my client’s case.

If you have evidence that should prove otherwise, then we shall concede.

Photo Credit: @otis_thedoodle (TikTok)

Oh, there is another TikTok video? 

Uh-oh.  @otis_thedoodle with the caption: Mr. Otis caught in the act on the furbo πŸ˜…

Photo Credit: @otis_thedoodle (TikTok)

And there, the evidence is clear.  Mr. Otis had no qualms in getting the couch dirty as he zoomed from one seat to another in his muddied glory.

Well, then. We rest our case.

And the sentence of a bath is accepted. Please lead my client, Otis, to the bathroom.

Source: Daily Paws

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