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Disabled Dog That Walks Like a Human Leads Parade [Video]



  • Dexter lost the use of his front limbs in a freak accident and has taught himself to walk like a human.
  • Dexter likes meeting new friends and connecting with old ones.
  • He was at the front of the Fourth of July parade in his community, strutting about and making everyone happy.

When one is involved in an accident and has to let go of limbs, one might think that it would lessen the ability to live life fully.  But Dexter the dog has proven that it is the attitude that counts.

Dexter got his idea of walking on his two hind legs from his beloved humans.  He taught himself to walk like they walk and now strolls through the streets of his neighborhood with confidence.

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His determination has enabled him to live his life like the freak accident that paralyzed his front legs did not happen.

On this Fourth of July parade, he really got excited with all the cars and trucks lined up.  One of his favorites is to meet new friends.  This was a perfect opportunity to gain some and catch up with old ones!

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Kentee Pasek, Dexter’s mom said, “[He] was waiting for the parade to start and we were walking from our house to our place in line. We had about 15 to 20 vehicles he passed and greeted everyone. The town knows him and he just goes up like this to say hi!”

As he strolled from one car to another, the people greeted him excitedly.  Pasek said that Dexter loves the attention and loves to show off his unique strut while saying hi to all the people even if it takes all day.  His enthusiasm is unmatched.

@dexterdogouray Dexter struts his stuff down main street and turns heads with his sassy attitude.#comedydog #funnydogvideo #doglife #funnydogsoftiktok🐶 #dogpowers #dogmom #dexterdogouray ♬ original sound – dexter dog ouray

What’s even more adorable is that he got to lead the parade and everyone loved Dexter.

May you inspire more people to have that positive outlook on life, Dexter!

Source: The Dodo