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Doctor Delivered Baby Of A Woman He Delivered 25 Years Ago



  • Dr. Bryan Cox of Texas enjoys everything about being an OB-GYN for 33 years.
  • Recently, he delivered Lauren Cortez’s baby Logan. Dr. Bryan delivered Lauren 25 years ago.
  • Lauren shared a sweet photo of Dr. Bryan holding her as a baby alongside a photo of the doctor holding Logan.

Dr. Bryan Cox of San Antonio, Texas has been a practicing OB-GYN for 33 years now and couldn’t be happier in his dream career. He enjoys everything about his job —from connecting with patients to welcoming babies into the world. That’s what made him special for Lauren Cortez, whom he delivered 25 years ago.

Photo Credit: Lauren Cortez

“My mom always spoke to me about how caring he was,” Lauren told Today. “He builds a really strong connection with you where you feel like you’re just hanging out with a friend.”

Dr. Cox even keeps up with his patients years after last seeing them. So, when he heard Lauren was pregnant with her first child, he asked to be a part of the momentous event. He asked if he could deliver her baby. Lauren, who loved the idea, said yes!

Photo Credit: Lauren Cortez

Lauren gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Logan on July 26. She shared a sweet photo of Dr. Bryan holding her as a baby alongside a photo of the doctor holding Logan. Twitter users were amazed. Their story touched the hearts of thousands.

Lauren learned that it isn’t the first time Dr. Bryan has done this!

“I came to find out later that he’s done this before. He’s delivered generations of families,” Lauren said. “I think that says a lot about him and how passionate he is about his job.”

Photo Credit: Lauren Cortez

But the way Dr. Bryan sees it, “It’s one of the few fields where you get to just soak up happiness.”

What’s more, he goes above and beyond to make his patients feel comfortable and cared for!

Dr. Bryan’s mother and grandmother have roles in these births. They sew robes for the new moms while the doctor gives every new mom a bunny onesie for her baby during her postpartum checkup.

What a thoughtful doctor.

Source: Inspire More