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Dog About To Be Put Down Wouldn’t Stop Crying Until Someone Rescued Him



  • A dog named Hogan went viral for crying his eyes out in the corner of his kennel as he somehow knew he was on the list to be euthanized.
  • Animal rescue Ozzie and Friends got him out in the nick of time and sheltered the dog for three years before he got fostered.
  • Hogan’s foster mom fell so in love with him that she decided to adopt him.  

Hogan the Pitbull must have known he was on the list to be put down that he began shaking and crying into the corner of his kennel at the shelter.

He was desperately crying for help.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Fortunately, Ozzie and Friends Rescue heard about his plight and so they grabbed him before it was too late.  And on his flight to freedom, Hogan could not stop smiling.  This was his second chance to be happy in life.

But even at the rescue center, he still spent three years waiting for that special someone to give him the loving home that he deserves.  His breed has had a bad reputation and his being not comfortable with other animals also mattered.  But the playful, outdoor-loving boy was not giving up hope.  He has come this far to give up.

Photo Credit: Instagram

In 2021, foster mom Evelyn Perez-Benitez came for him. Evelyn said, “I absolutely fell in love with him.”

It was meant to be a short pairing but Hogan really won Evelyn over.  Now, he enjoys hiking and swimming with his mom. He has also opened his mom’s eyes to the discrimination that Pitbulls have because of their reputation as having aggressive behavior.

But Evelyn would do everything for Hogan. She said, “I want to give him the best life possible because he is my family.” Evelyn could not imagine a life without Hogan.

Perhaps, just like Evelyn, it is time to go beyond a breed’s reputation and love them.  We are happy for you, Hogan!

Source: The Dodo