Dog afraid of thunder finds the ‘perfect’ hiding spot [Video]

  • Albus’ family was looking for him as they realized the thunders might have scared him during a typhoon.
  • As they were searching for the pup, they saw his fluffy tail hanging on from under their truck.
  • They were right, Albus was there, looking all cozied up in his new hideout!

A storm associated with lightning and thunders was something that would scare any dog. And Albus was among these dogs.

The pooch must have been scared of the sound of the thunder and decided to hide in the first place he could find.  

So, when Albus’ family realized that he was missing, they looked around for him to see where he might be hiding. They couldn’t almost find them, if not for his tail peeking out under their truck. If it were hidden, it seemed nearly impossible to find Albus.

Photo Credit: farmerj4/TikTok

“What in the world?” Albus’ dad said in a video now uploaded on his TikTok account.

Albus managed to completely tuck himself up under the truck — he must have been really frightened!

When his dad bent down, all he could see was Albus’ fluffy butt squeezed in between pipes and car parts. So, he went to the other side to confront Albus face to face.

And so the video showed the pup’s face, looking so content and relaxed cozying up under the truck.

Photo Credit: farmerj4/TikTok

“Albus, what are you doing, dude?” the fur dad said.

The pup wagged his tail in response.

Albus’ little adventure has brought his family a good laugh and a realization that his newly found hiding spot might now be his new comfortable, warm, cozy hideout.


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Judging by the look on his face, beneath that truck is indeed a peaceful sanctuary.

Source: The Dodo

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You think a dog hiding tucked in between truck parts is funny?
What if they had started it and backed out? Also dogs lick anti-freeze because of the sweet taste and it kills them! All dogs should not have access to the garage! This is not cute!