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Dog And Duck Become Inseparable Best Friends



  • McGee, the dog, lives near the pond where Daffy, the duck, lives.
  • The two animals became best friends in an instant, spending most of their time together.
  • Sweet McGee shares his food with Daffy every morning and doesn’t mind that his winged friend is a bit clingy.

Evan Hastings’ house is located near a pond where Daffy, the duck lives. His pet dog, McGee, took a liking to Daffy, and in no time, they become the best of friends.

McGee, the sweet big dog that he is, is even unconcerned that his feathered friend became clingy.

“He’s a wonderful friendly dog with not a mean bone in his body,” Evan said. “I think the duck just got lonely and started harassing McGee and then they became best buddies.”

This friendship, however uncommon, works. Both animals spend their days soaking up the sun, with the duck making every effort to get the dog’s attention. Clearly, McGee is patient. He even shares his food with the duck. Every day, before their adventure together starts, McGee and Daffy eat from the same bowl.

“During the day, McGee will be laying in the grass and the duck will be laying on his back also,” Evan said. “I think McGee gets annoyed after awhile because the duck is nonstop pecking at him for some reason.”

This uncommon friendship between both animals is on another level. Daffy and McGee are inseparable, during the evening or during the hours spent swimming together.

“When they swim together the duck is always trying to get on his back,” Evan said. “Sometimes when he’s up there, he’ll hold his wings straight out — it’s hilarious.”

McGee passes the friendship criteria, but none of the other animals did. There is apparent dissatisfaction from the duck when other dogs try to get in on the action.

“I have two beagle dogs and let them loose in the evenings and the duck actually chases them back to the kennel,” Evan said. “For some reason, the duck doesn’t want the beagles around McGee — maybe so he can have him all to himself.”

Source: The Dodo