Dog becomes BFFs with Abandoned Pup She Helped Rescue [Video]

dog leads dad to abandoned puppy in muddy hole

  • When William was going for an early morning walk with his dog Cokie, he was led to a poor puppy abandoned in a muddy hole.
  • He gave the pup much-needed food, water, and pets, got her checked at the vet, and welcomed her into his family.
  • After a few months, Lucky Lucy is now healthy and happy, and has become BFFs with Cokie.

An early morning walk led to a new member of the family for a man and his dog.

It was last September when William Thomas Green went out for a walk with his rescue pittie, Cokie. The trail was still wet from the previous night’s rain.

Suddenly, something caught Cokie’s eye. She ran to a corner of the dog park and kept staring back at William. When he approached to see what was the issue, he felt his heart break.

A foxhound was abandoned during the night’s storm and was left in a muddy puddle.

Abandoned Pup
Photo Credit: William Thomas Green

She was so sick and skinny that she had trouble standing up.

William rushed to his car to get her food and water. It gave her a little strength to stand.

William also gave her lots of loving pets and scratches until she started to relax. She then decided to stay by his side.

When William took her to the vet, he learned that she was extremely malnourished, and had whipworms and heartworms. She was also used as a breeding dog.

William named her Lucky Lucy and took her in.

After recovering for a few days, he took Lucy home to Huntsville, Alabama, where the rest of the family gave her a warm welcome.

“My wife’s parents fell in love with her instantly, and my younger brother-in-law did as well. They took her in, and she now weighs over 60 pounds and lives the happiest life of any dog you’ll ever meet,” William shared.

Photo Credit: William Thomas Green

Lucy was initially timid at first, but after months of receiving the care she deserved, she understood that she was finally safe.

“After she became more comfortable, she started doing little tiny ‘awoos,’ and we could tell she was starting to trust everyone in the family,” William shared. “Now, if she even sees a bird outside, she goes crazy and howls like the house is being broken into.”

Cokie and Lucy have also become BFFs!

They love playing together and cuddling in one bed.

Dog becomes BFFs with Abandoned Pup She Helped Rescue
Photo Credit: William Thomas Green

William is thankful that he and Cokie found Lucy that day.

Thanks to their fateful meeting, Lucy got a second chance at life.

You can follow Cokie and Lucy’s adventures on TikTok and Instagram.

Source: The Dodo

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