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Dog Decided To Become ‘The Guardian Of Bread’ For 4 Years Now And Never Once Took A Bite



  • While other dogs usually guard the house, Jakey loves to guard the bread.
  • Whenever her mom steps out of the house, Jakey would look for the bread, hide it somewhere and keep watch to make sure it is safe.
  • When they run out of bread, he guards the cookies or the butter.

Surely, our beloved dogs can be excellent guards too! But Jakey, a 6-year-old dog, has developed a fondness of guarding something quite unusual—a bread!

Whenever her family is away, she would hide the family’s bread and keep watch. “She started this four years ago when we moved to our farm,” Jakey’s mom, Katrina Frank told The Dodo. “Every time we would leave she would hide the bread.”

It’s not at all a question how Jakey would find the baked goods. The moment her mom steps out of the house, Jakey would use her excellent smell to sniff out the bread and she doesn’t stop until she’s sure it is safe with her.

Katrina Frank

“We have a bread box so she likes to hop up and pull it out of there,” Katrina said. “If I leave it in the pantry instead, she nudges the door open and gets it out. I’ve put it in the refrigerator before and she has opened the door to get to it.”

In all the years Jakey has served as the guardian of the breads, not even once did she dare take a bite. With her close security, no other animals have dared take a bite on the breads too.

“She likes to put it behind the couch and lay by it. Otherwise, [she puts it in] the closet in my bedroom,” Katrina said. “I assume she thinks it’s the most important thing to us because we use it so often.”

Whenever her mom arrives home, Jakey would then lead her to where she had hidden the bread. Katrina is now used to Jakey’s habit of securing the bread. “I’ve always been like, ‘Oh, that’s Jake being Jake,’” she said.

Katrina Frank

But when they run out of bread, Jakey would keep watch of the other baked goodies: “If I’m out of bread, she moves on to baked goods,” Frank said. “Once she took a Tupperware of cookies off the counter and hid all 17 individually without breaking any. She led me to all of them.”

What if they run out of bread and cookies and other baked goods? No worries, Jakey can guard the butter too.

Surely, as long as Jakey is around, their food will never go missing!


Source: The Dodo