Dog Found with Bullet Wound in His Head Needs Help for Healing

  • A man immediately reported and called for assistance when he discovered a severely emaciated dog in his shed.
  • With help from the police and rescue center, the dog was brought to the hospital and given immediate medical care.
  • The dog was suffering from a bullet wound to his head aside from other diseases, and would need prolonged medical treatment.

While checking on his shed, a man discovered a dog needing help.  He immediately called on the Police Department which also asked for assistance in rescuing the dog from the Mahoning County Dog Pound.

The groups coordinated to get the starving and dehydrated dog to the MedVet Mahoning Valley Urgent Care in Girard. The dog’s unhealed bullet wound on his head needed urgent medical attention.

Photo Credit: Friends of Fido/Facebook

In a Facebook post, Megan Zarlenga of Friends of Fido wrote that veterinarians found that the bullet entered the head, went through the soft tissue at the back, and exited through the side of the dog’s neck. They also ascertained that the days-old wound was causing swelling on the dog’s peripheral nerve.

At only 35 pounds, the dog which they have called Bandit was malnourished and weak but responded well to treatment.

Zarlenga said, “They have him on IV fluids and are treating him for infection; he is very, very emaciated.” Aside from the head wound, the dog, which has now been called Bandit, has also been diagnosed with Nystagmus and Lyme disease. 

Photo Credit: Friends of Fido/Facebook

Some bullet fragments are also still lodged inside Bandit and would have to be removed at a later time.

Bandit has a long recovery ahead but with his fighting spirit and good response to the medical care, hopes for him pulling through are high. Already, Zarlenga said that Bandit was “a little more alert” and “he ate his breakfast and walked outside.”

Bandit needs your help in his recovery.  His hospital bills are piling up. You may visit Friends of Fido’s website if you want to contribute to Bandit’s healing.

Photo Credit: Friends of Fido website

Aside from hoping for Bandit to recuperate well, the Youngstown Police Department is working on catching the person who abused and shot Bandit. Report information to 330-740-2205 or email [email protected]

Source: People

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