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Dog Has the Biggest Smile Leaving Shelter with Foster Family



Quick Smiles:

  • Addie, the heartworm-hero from Suncoast Animal League shelter, found a loving foster home just in time for Hurricane Idalia.
  • A snap of Addie’s joyous grin, as she met her foster family, melted countless hearts on Facebook.
  • Update: Addie’s living her best life with the Philbrooks, patiently waiting for her forever home. 🐕💖

Hurricane approaching? No problem!

Addie, the adorable dog who stole hearts from the Suncoast Animal League shelter in Palm Harbour, Florida, has found her silver lining amidst the storm clouds. 🌩️🌞

When Addie first stepped into the Suncoast Animal League, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Hailing from the overflowing Highlands County Animal Services, she was diagnosed with heartworms, but like the champ she is, Addie fought on.

“She has completed her treatment and is doing well,” said a grateful Rick Caboudy, the league’s executive director.

Did you know that choosing a foster dog is quite the quick affair? A 2014 study paints a paw-ssibly shocking picture: most shelter visitors barely interact with dogs for eight minutes. That’s barely enough time to pick out an outfit, let alone a furry companion for life!

And with Hurricane Idalia barreling towards Florida, the shelter, a vintage 1920 beauty, had to be emptied out. The staff feared for Addie, who’s not too keen on all other dogs.


Annette Dettloff, the co-founder and director of the shelter, shared their concerns, saying, “We must evacuate all the animals.” But who would take care of our heartworm-hero, Addie?

Enter Jay and Kim Philbrook, the unsung heroes of our tale. They didn’t just open their doors; they opened their hearts to Addie, offering her a cozy spot during the stormy days. Talk about timing!

“Addie instantly loved them. It was a really precious moment,” said Dettloff, recalling the joyous scene of Addie hopping into the Philbrooks’ car.

It’s safe to say that the backseat has never seen such a big doggy grin!

The shelter couldn’t resist sharing this heartwarming event, posting a photo of a beaming Addie on their Facebook page.

Suncoast Animal League

Talk about going viral! Comments flooded in, with fans gushing over “Addie’s sweet smile.”

In an exclusive tidbit shared with Newsweek, Jay Philbrook gave a paw-sitive update on Addie’s current state.


“She’s doing great! From the couch to her bed, but always asking for permission first.”

Addie has certainly become Kim’s shadow, always sticking by her side. And isn’t that just the cutest thing? 🐾

Fostering is a game-changer for rescue animals. While Addie’s foster journey has been nothing short of magical, she’s now eagerly wagging her tail, ready for a forever home.

After all, every dog has its day, and we’re sure Addie’s is right around the corner!