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Dog Knows There’s Medicine In His Sandwich So He Turns It Into His Pillow [Video]



  • A dog named Bandit has not been shy in communicating to his vets that he does not want to take his medicines.
  • His owner suggested wrapping the pill in a turkey sandwich but he turned them into his pillow instead.
  • The vets then wrapped the pills in meatballs and that’s where he was outsmarted as he gobbled them up.

Medicines are really hard to swallow.  And it is not just humans who have a hard time taking it— dogs and other animals absolutely refuse to take it.  But it is also necessary to cure whatever is ailing us or prepare us for a procedure.  And so, when a dog named Bandit proved difficult to medicate, they had to find a way to make him drink it.

@apccvet Laughing, crying, sliving, slaying. Bandit is everything I aspire to be. Please drop comments of times your pets have hilariously refused to take their meds 😂 #apccvet #australianshepherd #aussie #parishilton #animalhospital #veterinarian ♬ original sound – M.M.

The staff members of Alicia Pet Care Center (APCC) know how to handle this too well.  And they go the extra mile for their patients.  Aside from giving nervous pups cuddles and treats, they ask the owners what their favorite foods are to make the ingestion less stressful.

In the case of Bandit, Diana Gorin, APCC’s social media marketing special said, “He was very honest in his feedback of his disgust for medicine. He simply would not take any.” 

Photo Credit: @apccvet (TikTok)

His parents said to use turkey sandwiches as a decoy and so they made a special trip to Target to purchase the ingredients for Bandit’s turkey sandwich.

But… the sly dog had other ideas… He did not eat them but gently accepted the sandwich with his mouth and turned them into pillows!

Even with variations of the sandwich from plain to peanut butter, he was not taking any of it. And the pill-filled sandwiches piled up on Bandit’s cot.

Photo Credit: @apccvet (TikTok)

In the video of @apccvet, you can see the pup with his head on the sandwich pillows and giving the staff a side eye.

Not one to give up easily, the vets thought of wrapping the pill in a juicy meatball.  And Bandit gobbled it up!

Finally, he was getting his needed medicine and was sent home after a week at the APCC.  And even if they miss the smart dog, Gorin says Bandit is doing great in his home now.

Photo Credit: @apccvet (TikTok)

Gorin said, “I believe Bandit is doing much better at home. Perhaps he’s opening up a deli called Bandit’s Turkey Sandwiches.”

For their next patient who will prove to be just as obstinate as Bandit, they are prepared.  They still have the supplies and recipes.

For the antics of their patients, follow the APCC on Instagram or Facebook. They have free spay and neuter schedules so check them out.


Source: The Dodo