Dog Not Allowed On The Bed Did A Victory Dance When He Thought No One’s Looking [Video]

  • The owner suspects that her dog was not obeying the rule to not get on the bed and sets up a camera.
  • When the owner leaves the house, the dog approaches the bed tentatively and then jumps on the it.
  • Video of his victory dance is enough evidence that he indeed adorably broke the rule.

There is no denying that dogs can get into a lot of mischiefs.  But somehow, we cannot be mad for long when they bat those puppy eyes.  No matter what we tell them not to do, it seems that they get a thrill from breaking it. 

Take this one pet owner who has set a rule for her beloved pit bull to not get on the bed.  She suspected that the dog was not following the rule.  She had to have evidence of the pup’s misdeed.

And so, she set up a camera to monitor what was happening while she was not around.  And it caught the adorable dog hopping on the forbidden bed. And even made an adorable victory dance on it!  There is no way the dog can deny it but it was so cute, we think she will forgive him anyway.

Photo Credit: ignoramusky (YouTube)

In the video, the owner exits and a cat is on top of the bed.  Then the dog enters but does not go straight up on the bed.  He is scoping out the area and even goes off-camera.  Tentatively he approaches the bed as if asking the cat, “Is she really out now?” and then jumps on the bed. By the way, why was the cat allowed on the bed, anyway, and not also the dog?

You would think he will just lie down.  He savors the moment that his back touches the bed.  But then, he starts rolling, rubs his face on the sheet, and dances in Victory!  You could see the glee on his face as he wiggles his tail and rolled on the bed!

Photo Credit: ignoramusky (YouTube)

Set to a funny dancing tune, the video is just pure delight. 

We are sure that his owner would laugh at his antics and forgive him for breaking the rule! 

Source: Inspire More

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