Dog Thought To Be Dead In The Middle Of The Road Ends Up In A Loving Home [Video]

  • A seemingly dead dog on a busy road made animal shelter founders stop to pick the dog up for a decent burial.
  • The dog had head injuries but when he was pulled away from the road, the dog blinked and so he was brought to an emergency vet.
  • The dog was named Miracle after his miraculous survival and recovery and became the reason for the animal shelter’s establishment.

This story has a happy ending.  And we all wish that all animals, not just dogs, have happy endings in their forever homes and families.

Kartavya Society animal shelter in India founders, Riddle Paliwal and Akash Saxena, were on their way home when a scene on the road broke their hearts — a seemingly lifeless dog lay in the middle of a busy road.

Photo Credit: Katravya Society

They stopped and Paliwal said, “We thought at least we should pick him up and give him a dignified burial.”

But when Saxena pulled the dog away from the traffic, it blinks its eyes! It was a miracle! Paliwal said, “Akash shouted, ‘He is alive!’”

Photo Credit: Katravya Society

The dog must have been hit by a car and had close calls at being hit again, but he was still alive even with head wounds. They picked him up and brought him immediately to an emergency vet to save his life and they named him “Miracle.”

He had major head injuries and even the vets were not sure if he would survive. But Miracle is aptly named as he recovered and showed his friendly personality with each day that he lived.

Paliwal said that Miracle is the sweetest you can ever meet.  He added, “His face has this constant smile which makes you feel at peace and fills you with joy.” 

And Paliwal and Saxena decided to keep Miracle as they fall in love with him and cannot imagine their home without him.

Photo Credit: Katravya Society

Miracle is the reason why Paliwal and Saxena established the Kartavya Society — to help and save animals in need who are ignored.

May more miracles happen to neglected creatures.

Source: The Dodo

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