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Dog trapped inside walls for 5 days rescued and safe now [Video]



  • Connie Frick’s dog, Gertie, went missing for five days.
  • A neighbor who was walking her dog heard some whining behind the wall and discovered it was Gertie.
  • With the use of sledgehammer, firefighters were able to set the pup free in just 10 minutes!

When Connie Frick learned that her dog, Gertie, went missing, she never lost hope that she would be found. Soon enough, her high hopes paid off.

Photo Credit: WCPO

After five days without any sign of Gertie, a miracle happened that led people to where she was trapped at.

A neighbor was out walking her dog when she heard a noise. She decided to stop and follow the sound — from a concrete wall.

She then heard some “whining,” which prompted her dog to bark, and so Gertie did the same. The neighbor then realized that behind the walls was a confined poor pup.

“She fell through a roof of a hillside garage that was very dilapidated,” Connie said. “From what they could explain to us, she fell through the roof and whatever had been an old wall was replaced with a cinder block wall, which was keeping it from falling down. She was caught in between the two.”

Photo Credit: Cincinnati Fire Department/Facebook

The Cincinnati Fire Department responded to the rescue and realized that they had to break down some parts of the wall first before getting Gertie out safely.

With a sledgehammer in hand, firefighter Jenn Adkins got to work and was able to successfully set the pooch free in 10 minutes!

The 35-pound white terrier mix seemed to be stuck behind the wall for the entire five days that she was gone, the firefighters suspected. But the brave pup persevered.

Connie attributed Gertie’s ability to survive for so long to her experiences as a wild dog. Regardless of the reason, though, the fur mom was just so thrilled to have Gertie back home.

Photo Credit: Cincinnati Fire Department/Facebook

“She was so excited,” Connie said. “Everybody was loving on her. The firefighters were so happy.”

Source: Inspire More