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Dog Who Looked Like A Mummy Due to Severe Skin Condition Now Has His Fur Growing Back



  • Blondie had a serious skin problem when she was rescued.
  • They were supposed to conduct euthanasia on her but the staff was not giving up on her.
  • Months passed by and Blondie started to slowly recover and beautiful fur is growing back.

The first time Blondie came into the care of  Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, she didn’t even look like a dog at all.

The chihuahua mix pup was full of scabs looking like mummified. She was even “at-risk” for euthanasia, but the staff didn’t want to give her up. Instead, they sought help online by posting her video.

“When we saw the video of her at the county shelter we literally gasped,” Sky Sanctuary Rescue cofounder, Caitlin Beall, told The Dodo. “She looked awful shaking in her kennel and so very afraid. We knew she needed out and fast.”

Sky Sanctuary Rescue

Caitlin and cofounder, Elli Smith, went to personally check the dog. “We could not wait to meet her. The kennel staff walked her out to us and her skin was even worse than we were expecting,” Caitlin said. “I don’t even know how to put into words how bad her skin condition was.”

They rushed her to the vet to have and while on the way, decided on what to name her. They chose Blondie—hoping that once she’s recovered, her blonde fur would grow back.

The vet diagnosed Blondie with a number of conditions including Demodex mange—a skin infection that makes it red and itchy. Caitlin brought her home to fully recover.

Sky Sanctuary Rescue

Blondie was comfortable around other dogs but not with other people. Caitlin was worried she might not learn to trust humans again.

But one night, while giving Blondie a bath, the first sign of hope happened.

“As I removed the towel, I expected her to run from me back to her safe spot like she typically would,” Caitlin said. “That night was different — she took a few steps away from me but then turned around and climbed back on to my lap.” 

Sky Sanctuary Rescue

“I was now her safe spot,” she added. “There were a lot of happy tears that night.”

As Blondie’s skin started to heal, so was her heart. Soon, Caitlin realized that Blondie was actually not blonde at all but brunette and her hair color looks great on her.

Sky Sanctuary Rescue

“Her little body has fought like hell,” Caitlin said. “She shocked us all when her gorgeous fur started to grow in.”

Now, Blondie’s personality is starting to come out and has become playful. She also has a good appetite, especially for bones. Her mom is so proud of her transformation. While it is unsure if she will stay with her mom or not, Caitlin will make sure that the decision will be best for her.

Sky Sanctuary Rescue

“I think that answer really isn’t up to me — it’s up to Blondie,” Beall said. “I am so proud of how far she has come. I cannot wait to see what the future has to hold for our gorgeous girl.”

Source: The Dodo