Dog’s Adoptions Didn’t Work Out Because He’s Destined To Be The Perfect ‘Firedog’

  • Clementine is a Catahoula Leopard/Hound mix that has already been adopted twice and returned.
  • When Captain Robert Moree of the Cedar Hill Fire Department got the nod from his chief and other firefighters to get a dog, Clementine was an instant hit.
  • Clementine now provides a ready ear to listen, a paw to hold, and calming company when the firefighters need it.

Clementine, the Catahoula Leopard/Hound mix, has already been adopted twice from the Tri-City Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in Cedar Hill, Texas.  Her high energy and inability to get along with other smaller dogs were the reasons why she was returned to the shelter.  

Photo Credit: ASPCA/Facebook

But shelter staff were hopeful that Clementine would end up with the right people.

And she did when Captain Robert Moree of the Cedar Hill Fire Department decided to adopt a fire dog after consulting with the chief and other firefighters.  Captain Moree read a study that firefighters could use the help of a fire station dog in coping with the trauma and stress of their jobs.

It simply was love at the first meeting.   

Photo Credit: ASPCA/Facebook

Captain Moree recalled, “They introduced us to Clementine. She took to us, and we took to her — instantly. Later that day, after we cleared another alarm, my Driver/Engineer, Bryan Wallen, and I decided to go get her.”

Clementine may be adopted under Captain Moree’s name but she belongs to the entire firehouse. In between calls, she cuddles with the firefighters and when they are done with a call, she provides them with a company that helps reduce their stress.  She puts her head on their laps.  And whenever there is food, expect Clementine to be nearby.

Photo Credit: ASPCA/Facebook

But she does not stay at the fire station all the time.  She accompanies her beloved firefighters in the truck when they go out on calls and howls at the sirens.  This enables the firefighters to laugh even during difficult times.

Captain Moree explained, “Clementine not only makes the station feel more like home during our 24-hour shifts but also offers a positive, constant boost to morale and keeps us excited to come to the station.”

Photo Credit: ASPCA/Facebook

Remember, our firefighters have hearts that also get emotional when they deal with tough situations at their job.  Clementine may not talk but she sure provides the men with a ready ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and paws to hold.

She deserves to be named Dog of the Year Award at the 2022 ASPCA Humane Awards. 

Now it is clear why the adoptions did not work out.  Clementine was destined to be a firedog after all. 

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