Dogs caught jailbreaking for play time’s sake

Dogs caught jailbreaking for play time’s sake

  • Crackers, a headstrong pup, loves playing with his cousins who only live next door.
  • Crackers never runs out of energy and would do anything to have that extra playtime with them.
  • Recently, he was caught orchestrating a jailbreak so his cousins could pass through the fence!

These dog cousins will do anything to play together, even to the point of breaking their backyard fence — and one headstrong pup could be the mastermind.

Photo Credit: Jessie Matney/The Dodo

Crackers, a very strong-willed Lab/St. Bernard mix, lives next door to his three best friends, the dogs of her mom’s sister. He simply loves hanging out with them all the time. This is not something surprising as five-year-old Crackers has never run out of energy.

“He’s very energetic and persistent,” Jessie Matney, Crackers’ dad, told The Dodo. “He doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer when he wants to play.”

Crackers is so happy living close to his cousins. They all go on nightly walks and love playing, but only one is left standing when all the rest are tired: Crackers.

Photo Credit: Jessie Matney/The Dodo

Likely wanting to get more than enough playtime, Crackers recently broke a loose part of the fence so his cousins could pass through!

“My sister’s retriever/Pyrenees mix, Budders, also the one Crackers likes the most, had pushed the picket loose at the top,” Jessie said. “When I walked out, Crackers was finishing the job, pulling it the rest of the way down. Then the other three dogs tried to squeeze through at the same time like the Three Stooges.”

Photo Credit: Jessie Matney/The Dodo

What’s funnier, and probably cuter, is the fact that the best friends have done this in the past, many times!

“This was probably the fifth time it’s happened. There were one and a half successful attempts,” Jessie shared. “Punkin was able to squeeze through once, and his sister … got halfway through, but her butt wouldn’t fit through, so I had to remove another picket to get her out.”

Jessie has gotten used to the gang’s scheme and has stocked up on extra pickets.

“At this point, I’m used to it. So I just laughed when I saw what he was doing,” he said.

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Photo Credit: Jessie Matney/The Dodo

Crackers’ name adorably suits him. He always seems to be cracking everyone up with the tactics he comes up with for his extra-playtime quest!


Source: The Dodo

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