Dog’s Joy For Fetch Forever Captured On Photo

  • An impromptu photo session captured a dog’s enjoyment in playing fetch.
  • Doggy day care staff photographed Tucker as he played with a ball and tried to catch it.
  • The photo proved Tucker’s excitement and enjoyment in doggy day care and play.

When Tucker was playing fetch, he had no idea that his enjoyment would show.  He was just in the moment, being excited over everything.

His mom, Samanatha Flener said, “He’s always keeping us on our toes with his antics but [is] a big snuggle bug at the end of the day. He has always loved playing ANYTHING.”

Tucker’s family knows that he is a big goofball.

One thing that he really enjoys is going to a local dog ranch for doggy day care where he gets to play all day long with his dog friends and human friends.

But one goofy moment really proved how excited Tucker really is when he plays fetch. 

Photo Credit: Samantha Flener

While he was chasing the ball and tried to catch it, he was captured with his mouth open, his eyes bulging, body frozen in a photo.

Flener said, “One of the employees at the ranch was the one who took the pic and sent it to me as part of the daily update.” And she immediately laughed when she saw it.

Tucker’s goofy and ridiculous appearance was perfectly captured in the photo. It also showed how happy and excited he is when playing with his friends at the ranch.

Flener said, “Tucker is a total love bug but the biggest goofball,” and the photo really captured his personality. 

Photo Credit: Samantha Flener

One thing is sure, photo or no photo, Tucker would still have the same expression on his face when he plays fetch. And the photo is only a proof of Tucker’s goofiness.  What an adorable pup! 

Source: The Dodo

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