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Dog’s New Eating Habit Wins Hearts After Sister’s Loss



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  • A dog named Bowser has adopted a new eating habit after the loss of his sister, Sasha.
  • Bowser now insists on being spoon-fed at the table, refusing to eat from his bowl.
  • The touching video of Bowser’s new routine has garnered over 252,200 views and 10,100 likes on TikTok.

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The bond between our furry friends is a powerful one, and the loss of a companion can impact them deeply. This was recently highlighted when a dog owner shared a touching video of her pet, Bowser, who has developed a unique habit since his sister, Sasha, passed away.

The video, shared on TikTok under the username bowserthemastiff, shows Bowser being spoon-fed homemade meals of ground beef, black beans, and brown rice. The twist? He’s sitting at the table, just like a human would.

“For the past 3 weeks since his sister, Sasha, passed, Bowser refuses to eat out of his bowl,” reads the caption. The owner’s voiceover adds, “This dog thinks he’s human. I think he’s offended that we make him eat out of a bowl.”

Our canine companions are known for their emotional depth and their ability to form strong bonds with both their human families and their fellow dogs. This emotional richness, however, also means they can experience grief when they lose a loved one.


According to the American Kennel Club, behavioral changes in dogs can indicate grief. These changes can include withdrawal, loss of appetite, lethargy, unusual aggression or destructiveness, inappropriate elimination, unusual vocalizations, excessive clinginess, and searching for the lost companion.