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Dog’s Pillow Mystery Goes Viral As The Internet Defends Innocence



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  • A dog owner unravels a pillow-ripping mystery with her chocolate Labrador as the main suspect.
  • The internet is left intrigued as the seemingly innocent dog avoids making eye contact with the owner.
  • The popular TikTok video has attracted over 1.6 million views and nearly 180,000 likes, with users rallying in defense of the dog’s innocence.

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Imagine returning home to a fluffy crime scene with your beloved pet as the only witness. This was the reality for one dog owner who shared her intriguing situation on TikTok. User @laurendennehy uploaded a video on March 11 showing her chocolate Labrador sitting on the couch, surrounded by the remnants of a destroyed pillow. The question on everyone’s mind: who could have possibly done this?

As the camera pans back to the Labrador, he lifts his head in what seems like disbelief at the chaos around him. Interestingly, he avoids making eye contact with his owner. Despite being the only one present at the scene, the owner captions the video, “he seems innocent to me,” a sentiment that many viewers seem to agree with. The video has since gone viral, amassing over 1.6 million views and nearly 180,000 likes.

Every dog owner can relate to coming home and discovering their furry friend has been up to some mischief. The moment you call their name, they often respond with a look of guilt, head down, eyes averted, tail thumping against the floor. This surely must mean they know they’ve done something wrong, right?

Well, according to VCA Animal Hospitals, this isn’t necessarily the case. This “guilty” look is actually a response to the owner’s body language and demeanor. It’s common for owners to react with frustration or disappointment when they find their favorite shoe chewed up or their furniture ruined. The dog, in turn, responds with what appears to be a guilty look, but is actually a display of appeasement and submission.


If your dog behaves this way, it might suggest they’re uncomfortable with your reaction. They understand there’s a problem and would prefer to avoid the confrontation. Essentially, they’re expressing fear, concern, or anxiety.

The mystery of the ripped pillow has sparked a flurry of comments on TikTok, with over 1,169 users rallying to the dog’s defense. One viewer commented, “He is just as stunned as you are,” while another wrote, “We may never know and must accept that.” Even the official Microsoft Surface account chimed in, saying, “Idk but definitely not him.”


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