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Dog’s Reactions To His Favorite Words Will Make You Smile



Quick Smiles:

  • Winston the dachshund’s adorable reactions go viral
  • Video viewed over 15 million times on TikTok
  • Winston named “2023 Dachshund of The Year” by FI dogs

A social media video featuring a sausage dog’s adorable wide-eyed reactions to specific words has brought joy to viewers across the internet. The viral video, shared on TikTok on January 5, captures Winston the dachshund’s animated reactions as his mom pretends to have a phone conversation.

Some highlights include Winston’s eyes widening at the sound of “beach” and sitting up, looking around for his owner when he hears “dad.” The charming dachshund has an impressive vocabulary, with reactions to words like “cheese” and “run” that have warmed many hearts online.


Dad > everything else (wait until the end)

♬ original sound – WINSTON_DA_WEEN

Winston’s mom, Christina Kirkman, shared with Newsweek, “Winston turned 3 in December and we have been sharing his wacky journey on social media since he was a pup.” Kirkman, a former child actor known for her role in Nickelodeon’s All That, began showcasing Winston’s antics on her own social media platforms, where she goes by @christinakirkman.

She noticed how much people loved Winston and decided to share his story. “He has actually just been named ‘2023 Dachshund of The Year’ by FI dogs,” Kirkman said. Winston lives in Los Angeles County with Kirkman and her partner, the “dad” mentioned in the video. The couple manages a TikTok account dedicated to their pet’s daily adventures.

Since being shared on Winston’s account, @winston_da_ween, the TikTok post has received over 2.5 million likes and more than 3,000 comments. Users have expressed their adoration for the cute dachshund, with one commenting, “You better take that baby to the beach with bully sticks, chicken, and his daddy!” Another user wrote, “Aw, he was looking for dad,” while a different TikToker shared, “I hope you took him to the beach with Dad.”


One TikTok user even noticed Winston’s unique stance, commenting, “I love how he gets on his little grinch paws at the end to look for his dad.” The heartening TikTok post featuring Winston can be seen [here](

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