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Dogs sneak out to shop for toys in the dollar store



  • Gabriela left her dog, Johnny, with her boyfriend’s dog, Charlie, in the backyard to play.
  • When she went back after five minutes, they were gone.
  • It turns out that they sneaked out to go to the dollar store and shop for dog toys!

Meet Johnny and Charlie, two sneaky dogs who only wanted to play with more toys.

Photo Credit: Gabriela Carpenter

Johnny and his mom, Gabriela Carpenter, went to visit her boyfriend’s house.

Gabriela left him in the backyard of her boyfriend’s house to play with his dog, Charlie. She then went back inside and was only gone for five minutes when she came back to find them both missing.

Thinking they might have jumped the fence to chase some cattle in a nearby field, she ran there to look for them. She was at a bit of a loss thinking about how to find them, when someone showed up to help.

Gabriela shared, “I spent about 10 minutes looking when a car pulled in the driveway. A random lady [who] was shopping with her young child saw Johnny and Charlie come in and go straight to [the] dog toy aisle! She said her son asked to take them home, and she said, ‘No, these dogs are obviously spoiled and belong to someone!’”


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Gabriela hopped into the kind woman’s car and headed straight to the store.

When they got there, the sneaky dogs were in the dog toy aisle.

Johnny and Charlie snuck out to shop for dog toys in the local dollar store!

Dogs sneak out to shop for toys in the dollar store
Photo Credit: Gabriela Carpenter

The store employees were all amused by the whole encounter, while Gabriela was so embarrassed and had to apologize repeatedly.

Still, she also can’t help but laugh at the situation.


She shared, “Everyone was laughing and said Johnny was bringing up toys to customers (he is obsessed with playing fetch).”

Meanwhile, the sneaky dogs didn’t seem embarrassed at all. They were out on an adventure! They may have even been bummed that mom showed up to interrupt their fun.

Dogs sneak out to shop for toys in the dollar store
Photo Credit: Gabriela Carpenter

Gabriela will definitely be keeping a closer eye on these two whenever they’re out playing.

Clearly, they know their way well to the dollar store — and have a penchant for shopping!

Source: The Dodo