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Emotional Ad: Dog Waiting Outside Hospital For His Dad Who Passed Greets Stranger With Familiar Heartbeat [Video]



  • An old man and his faithful dog are seen living their lives and sharing a bond that is so strong.
  • One night, the man is taken by an ambulance and the dog waits outside to hear his dad’s voice again to know if he’s alright.
  • After a long vigil, the hospital’s door opens to reveal a woman in a wheelchair who he doesn’t know but bears the familiar heartbeat of his dad.

Man is blessed to have such a faithful companion in a dog that you share an unbreakable bond with. 

In a video, an old man and his loyal dog spend their days together whether it be in the safety of their home or in their walks outside. The dog accompanies him to where he goes and even stays outside cafes just watching spirited conversations between the man and his friends.  He is content just by knowing that his dad is having a good time.  And when the man shares his food with him, every morsel is a delight.

But then one night, the ambulance came to take the old man.  The dog followed the ambulance to the hospital but he was not allowed to enter the doors and so he stayed outside waiting.  Day and night through sun and rain.  

Photo Credit: DDB Worldwide (YouTube)

The pup longed to hear his dad’s voice.

But then one day after waiting for a long time, a woman comes out in a wheelchair and the dog stands up from its position and eagerly goes to the woman.  There is something in her that he recognizes— something of his dad that he knows.  Something that he misses and is happy to hear again.

Photo Credit: DDB Worldwide (YouTube)

The woman’s heartbeat is so familiar and comforting. He knows that his dad’s heart lives in her.

Would you consider donating an organ for others to have a second chance at life and for your loved ones to hear it again?

They would know. Just like the dog knew.

Source: Inspire More