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Exploited Dog Now Lives A Happy Life With New Parents [Video]



  • Dogs love deeply and forgive truly even after they have experienced abuse multiple times.
  • It’s a trait that people should learn from dogs, especially from pit bulls who are among the most loving pups.
  • Take Bubby for example, who has had a rough past, but now he’s opened up his heart to his new parents and lives a happier life!

The best trait that people could learn from dogs is the ability to forgive and still give love even after they were abused. Pit bulls for instance, are one the most loving dogs among others. Unfortunately, they are also the ones that get abused most often. 

The first time Katharine brought Bubby, the pit bull, home last April, he was not okay. But she could see that he has that lively spirit in him just waiting to get unleashed.

Bubby had his share of the rough past. He used to be a bait in a bloody sport dog fighting. Then he was rescued, or so it seemed, because his next owners locked him up in the garage his whole two-month stay with them until he was found by Katharine. Although at first, he was too scared to touch someone or be touched in return. 

Katharine works as a park ranger and she started tagging Bubby along to some hiking and camping in order for him to experience a different life and see how wonderful nature is. Eventually, Bubby is slowly coming out from his shell.

After all the harsh things that Bubby experienced in life, he learned to trust his mom and her boyfriend named Cody. In just a matter of weeks, he lets out his natural playful self and learns to trust again.

Now, Bubby’s favorite thing is to cuddle up with his parents — and his favorite spot is in the hammock with them!

Whenever one of them gets into the hammock to relax, Bubby would jump right in as well to cuddle.


“He just wants to be where people are all the time,” Katharine said.

Even though Katherine has always believed Bubby would learn how to trust people again, she was still amazed at how quickly he opened up his heart to her.

Photo Credit: @big.head.bubby (Instagram)

“He has become a whole new dog physically and emotionally,” Katharine wrote on Instagram. “Watching him open up and discover that he loves people, other dogs, and the outdoors has been the most rewarding thing in my life, and I love my Bubby more than I can say.”

We are happy that Bubby is now living a happier life that he deserves — that every dog deserves!

Source: Inspire More