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Family Gets Their Cat Her Own Rug for Prayer Time



  • Tofu decided to join prayer time after the family decided it was safer to pray inside their home as the number of infected with coronavirus pandemic continues to grow.
  • The cat gets distracted rolling around on the prayer rugs about every time the family prays.
  • Tofu gets a small rug of her own to join the family in saying their prayers.

Mohammad Fahmi decided to adopt Tofu when she was just a few months old. The cat was left on the streets before she was rescued, but the person who had found the cat was unable to care for the cat, luckily for Tofu, there was another who wanted to keep her.

The Dodo | Mohammad Fahmi

“I convinced my mom to let Tofu stay,” Mohammad said. “The whole family didn’t really like pets, but now everyone is super into Tofu.”

The family cat has always been involved in whatever affair there is in the family. Tofu expresses her love for the family this way, she makes it a point that she could be around them all the time, no matter what it is that they are doing.

The community lockdown has forced everybody to stay indoors. What this means for Mohammad and his father is that their prayers would have to be said at home, instead of going to the mosque to say their prayers on a normal day.

The Dodo | Mohammad Fahmi

Tofu decided to join the family in saying their prayers.

“Tofu always loves when our family members are gathering in one spot, so whenever me and my dad go to pray together, she joins and just sits or disturbs us,” Mohammad said.

The cat gets distracted rolling around on the prayer rugs about every time the family prays inside their house. This becomes distracting for everybody, so the family decided to get on a smaller version of their prayer rug for their cat and most of the time, it works.

The Dodo | Mohammad Fahmi

“Lately, she started to understand that the small rug is for her so she doesn’t disturb the others, that took a while,” Mohammad said. “That was a travel rug (adults use it only to cover the part where our face touches the ground), but we rarely use it anyway, might as well use it for Tofu.”

It looks as if the cat will always want to be there when the family says their prayer. She probably finds it difficult to understand proper decorum expected for different affairs, but the most important thing for the cat is to make sure that the family could get to be together as often as possible.

Source: The Dodo