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Firefighter’s Daughter Demonstrates Firefighting Skills During Backyard Training



  • U.K. firefighter teaches her daughter about fire safety and lifesaving skills every chance he gets.
  • He posted a video online where he set-up a scene for his daughter to practice her skills, using chalk drawings and a doll to rescue from the pretend fire.
  • He hopes that the video would encourage other children to learn about safety, and participate as junior firefighters.

Darcey Cook from Cambridgeshire, England started her firefighter training at three years old under the tutelage of her dad. Jamie Cook is a full-time firefighter with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service. He considers it necessary to train her daughter about firefighting and teaching her lifesaving skills every chance he gets.

The coronavirus lockdown had the family confined inside their house, and the father-daughter firefighting team decided to play firefighter in their backyard to pass the time. Jamie would set-up scenes for his daughter to practice her skills. He uses chalk drawings to draw fires and a doll for Darcey to rescue. Darcey would suit up, wearing her mini protective gear before rushing into action after the alarm!

Jamie posted the video online to share the firefighting training with Darcey. The video clip started from the moment the little firefighter stepped away from the pretend firehouse to when Darcey grabs the hose to extinguish the chalk flames drawn unto their garden fence.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Facebook Page shared the video of the junior firefighter in action on social media. From that point on, the video went viral on the internet. Jamie hopes that the video he posted would encourage other parents and their kids to learn more about fire safety. He also said that he hopes that other kids would see the training as a fun and informative activity during this coronavirus lockdown.

“Darcey is already keen on being a firefighter and loves dressing up and pretending to be one,” Jamie said. “We thought there must lots of children out there stuck inside and looking for something to do and thought we could have a bit of fun. The Service is also making lots of things available for children to do during the lockdown, so this fitted in well.”

The fire department welcomes visitors into their station, says Jamie Cook. Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service sponsors events like car washes and other community outreach efforts where he often brings his daughter to participate. The video online is probably the best recruitment video for other junior firefighters!

This is a reminder of how critical it is to teach our children about fire safety. Darcey starting on her training to become a firefighter just like her dad could be inspiring for many, plus pictures of her wearing the uniform are just adorable.

Source: Inspire More